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Worx WG384 40V Power Share 14″ Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

Worx WG384 40V Power Share 14″ Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

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Gas-like performance without all the drawbacks of gas. That’s what the Worx 40V Power Share 14?? Cordless Chainsaw gives you. We’ve doubled the volts of our standard Power Share tools and made a chainsaw powered by two 20V batteries. Double the run time and upgraded performance but still with cordless convenience and without the smell or expense of gasoline.We’re able to achieve this on account of the saw’s high-efficiency brushless motor. It’s more durable and uses less battery than a motor based around a brush design. It spins the 0.043?? gauge chain . with a 3/8?? pitch . at 26ft/s. So you’ve got all the power you need to perform every regular chainsaw job. Cut 26?? diameter logs on the ground or 13?? diameter trees that are still standing . for instance. Auto-tensioning and auto-oiling systems keep the bar and chain running at peak performance throughout the entire life of this tool. And on-board battery charge indicators . and oil-tank markings . let you know when you’ll need to recharge or refill the oil. Plus . the quick-stop chain brake adds an extra level of safety to this saw . so you’ll know you can always shut it down at a moment’s notice.

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