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Sportsman 7500 Watts Portable Tri-Fuel Generator with CO Warning and Shut-off

Sportsman 7500 Watts Portable Tri-Fuel Generator with CO Warning and Shut-off

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In addition to its power and flexibility . the 7 .500/6 .000-Watt Tri-Fuel Generator can take care of your RV while you are on the road or keep essential appliances running during a power outage. This generator operates using either unleaded gasoline . LPG propane . or natural gas . so you should choose the fuel that is most convenient or most affordable at the time. The long-lasting . clean-burning properties of propane gas . the familiar and easy-to-find properties of unleaded gasoline . and the long-term advantages of natural gas can all be capitalized on. This Sportsman Tri-Fuel Generator has a peak power of 7500 watts and a rated power of 6000 watts . making it a powerful generator for contractors . homeowners . and recreational users. As this generator is equipped with four 120-volt outlets . one 120/240V twist lock outlet . and a 120V RV outlet . it can be used for a wide variety of applications. For electric start functionality . install a motorcycle battery (not included) or use the generator right out of the box with the recoil start. A number of safety features have been installed in the Tri-Fuel Generator to ensure its smooth and safe operation. An automatic shut-off feature and a carbon monoxide detection feature prevent dangerous CO accumulation . while the low oil shut-off feature prevents engine damage when the oil level is low. There is a surprising amount of quietness associated with the 13 HP engine; when it is idle . it runs at less than 80 decibels. Anyone seeking portable . flexible . and affordable power will find the Sportsman Series 7500 Watt Tri-Fuel Generator to be an ideal choice.

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