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Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion XC Battery

Milwaukee M18 Lithium-Ion XC Battery

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You need Milwaukee batteries to power your Milwaukee M18 tools. Go with one of the best . the 48-11-1828. It’s a 3 amp-hour extended capacity battery that can keep your tools . lights . and more powered for hours. This powerful battery comes equipped with an onboard fuel gauge . so you can see how much power you have left before it needs recharging. It also boasts extreme weather performance and fade-free power . so you can work in extremely cold conditions with low fuel and still have your tools working as though freshly charged. The Red link intelligence is one of the most impressive features of the battery. It enables the communication between the battery and whichever M18 tool it’s plugged into. This communication allows the battery to cut off when the tool is about to draw too much fuel and burn out . keeping your work gear working more efficiently for a longer period. From the workshop to the campsite to the home . make sure you have these Milwaukee batteries on hand to get what you need complete.

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