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Lego Ninjago Water Dragon 71754

Lego Ninjago Water Dragon 71754

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Lego Ninjago Water Dragon 71754

This highly detailed Water Dragon playset plays out the incredible stories from the NINJAGO: Seabound animated series. This impressive dragon toy’s movable head . mouth . legs . neck . wings and movable tail . which can be used as a weapon . provide children with hours of enriching play.

Premium toys for children The dragon toy includes 5 minifigures: NRG Nya . the crawler Diver Zane . Prince Kalmaar and 2 dangerous Maaray Guards for children to enact exciting battles to win the precious wave talisman. There’s also a mini submarine with a cockpit for Diver Zane to ride and a display stand for the talisman. Spectacular toys to wow friends LEGO NINJAGO toys offer an escape to a fun world of fantastical action where imaginative kids can join forces with their ninja heroes to engage in never-ending battles to protect NINJAGO City.

Ninja fans and their friends can choose from a vast collection of construction toys . including powerful robots . detailed ships and super-fast jets. The LEGO NINJAGO Water Dragon playset featuring a highly animated toy dragon for ninja fans to spend hours of fun recreating the action of the NINJAGO: Seabound animated series. 5 minifigures included: NRG Nya . Diver Zane . Prince Kalmaar and 2 Maaray Guards . all with cool weapons to add an extra dimension to children’s role-play.

The toy dragon has highly mobile wings . legs . tail . neck . mouth that opens and closes . and a movable tail that can be used as a weapon to defeat Maaray Guards. This set also includes a mini toy submarine whose cockpit opens for Diver Zane to board . as well as a valuable wave talisman displayed on a seafloor model. Filled with features and minifigures . this highly detailed ninja playset for ages 9 and up is a premium toy guaranteed to impress friends.

Kids can proudly display it in their room after defeating the Maaray Guards on the battlefield with the 14cm tall Water Dragon. Check out other sets inspired by the NINJAGO: Seabound animated series . including Lloyd’s Hydro Robot (71750) . Temple of the Endless Sea (71755) and Hydro Ship (71756). LEGO NINJAGO has a beautiful range of creative toys to both play with and display . giving little ninjas the chance to escape into an enchanting fantasy world. Number of Pieces: 737 Suitable for children aged 9 and over

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