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LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour Bus, 41106

LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour Bus, 41106

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The LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour Bus is a set of building blocks so you can construct Livi the pop star’s tour bus and throw a concert.Take Stephanie and Mia to the exclusive tour bus to meet their favorite singer Livi. Livi will show the girls around the driving area with 2 seats . living room with a TV and bed . the bathroom with a hot tub . and a pull-out rehearsal stage.Throw a fun party in the outdoor area. There are 2 tables . an umbrella . 2 sun loungers . a DJ booth . and 2 speakers to really pump the music. Plus there are so many accessories to play with and use at the party. There’s a fan letter . flowers . drinks . food . a microphone . and more.With 682 pieces and a rich setting . the storytelling possibilities are endless. Help your child develop their creative skills and foster a love for building with the LEGO Friends Pop Star Tour Bus.

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