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Lego Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles 43219

Lego Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles 43219

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Lego Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles 43219

LEGO Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles to inspire children aged 6 and up. This buildable toy set includes a variety of iconic and regular pieces . Disney Belle and Cinderella LEGO mini-doll figures . Lumiere and Gus LEGO figures . plus 2 instruction posters to encourage model building with family or friends. As kids build . the LEGO Builder app can guide them on an easy and intuitive building adventure. They can zoom and rotate models in 3D . save sets and track their progress. This mini castle set provides unlimited fun for Disney Princess fans.

Play with this set independently . with friends or family . or add it to other LEGO Disney sets (each set sold separately). Disney Belle and Cinderella . plus Lumiere and Gus . encourage children’s imaginations as they act out familiar stories or imagine new ones. This buildable toy is a fun birthday gift for fans or kids who love hands-on play.

Build Disney Castles for 2 of your favourite Disney Princess characters! With this imaginative LEGO Disney set . you can build little castles for Disney Belle or Cinderella and their friends Lumiere and Gus . then mix them into interesting shapes. Design the perfect castle for either princess character . or find something else to build with your imagination. No limits . just fun! LEGO Disney: Disney Princess Creative Castles . give a Disney Princess fan or a castle-loving child a gift full of possibilities and inspiration. This set includes 2 LEGO mini-doll figures . 2 LEGO figures . accessories to activate play and pieces to build a castle for each character . a single amazing castle or a child’s unique creation. Featuring Disney Princesses Belle and Cinderella . plus Gus and Lumiere LEGO figures . this set is designed for endless creative model building and adventures.

Kids and Disney fans will enjoy this quality set full of creative possibilities . made for anyone who loves Disney Belle and Cinderella. With small Disney Castles . each measuring 13cm high . 8cm wide and 4cm deep . this set is made for extended play or display in a child’s room. The LEGO Builder app guides you and your child on an intuitive building adventure with tools that let you zoom and rotate models in 3D . save sets and track your progress. Number of pieces: 140 Box dimensions: 28 x 22.5 x 5 cm Weight: 0.364 kg

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