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Jura GIGA 10 Automatic Coffee Machine | Diamond Black

Jura GIGA 10 Automatic Coffee Machine | Diamond Black

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This stylish . modern espresso machine is perfect for those who demand convenience and quality. It features a 6.7-inch touchscreen Panorama Coffee Panel for easy navigation . two 10-ounce bean containers with adjustable ceramic disc grinders . and an array of customizable options. The machine also boasts an exclusive Cold Extraction Process . Pulse Extraction Process . One-Touch Americano and Milk Specialty functions . an Eighth-Generation Brew Unit with 3D Brewing Technology . Parallel Preparation . and Intelligent Preheating. With 35 hot and cold brew options . you'll be able to make the perfect cup every time.


Prepare hot and genuine cold brew specialties with a touch of freshness . freshly ground . not capsuled . and choose from 35 options. The aroma selection function further expands your range of options.


The large 6.7-inch touchscreen Panorama Coffee Panel is designed for maximum clarity and user-friendliness.


You can easily tap and slide through various options . such as volume . intensity . bean container . coffee-to-milk ratio . and more.


It also features two 10-ounce bean containers . each with its own electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinder that includes automatic grinder adjustment.


Its exclusive cold extraction process . Pulse Extraction Process . one-touch Americano . and milk specialty functions . along with its eighth-generation brew unit with 3D Brewing Technology . parallel preparation . and intelligent preheating . make it an exceptionally advanced choice.

Recreate the Taste of Barista Coffee at Home

Experience different roasts or blends of beans to create custom flavor profiles for any coffee specialty with the JURA Barista Coffee Maker.

A Completely New User Experience

This intuitive touch-operated panel in a wide panorama format is designed for optimum clarity and user-friendliness.

Revolutionary Cold Extraction Process

JURA's exclusive technology slowly pulses cold water through freshly ground . coarse coffee under high pressure for a refreshing . energizing taste with a wonderfully balanced aroma.

Eye-catching Design and Pure Prestige

Crafted with luxury materials and a high-quality finish . this unique machine delivers high performance and a stunning . timeless design. Plus . 88-ounce water tank for continuous enjoyment.

Electronically Adjustable Ceramic Disc Grinders

Two bean containers . each with an electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinder . offer top-notch grinding and unlimited options for blending and grinding your preferred whole-bean coffee.

Panorama Coffee Panel ?C 6.7-inch Touchscreen Display

The Panorama Coffee Panel . a 6.7-inch touchscreen display . makes it easy to customize specialties by tapping and sliding through various options . such as volume . intensity . bean container . coffee-to-milk ratio . and more.

Embodiment of a Unique Coffee Experience

Embodying a unique coffee experience . exclusive brewing technologies ?C including Parallel Preparation . Pulse Extraction Process . Cold Extraction Process . and a dual Thermoblock heating system ?C deliver an unmatched taste experience.

High performance . Low Maintenance

With high performance and low maintenance . integrated maintenance cycles make cleaning exceptionally easy . and a removable container is designed for automatic cleaning of the milk system.

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