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CHULUX Classic Coffee Maker One Cup, Single Serve Travel Pod Coffee Machine for K Cup & Ground Coffee, New

CHULUX Classic Coffee Maker One Cup, Single Serve Travel Pod Coffee Machine for K Cup & Ground Coffee, New

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CHULUX QF-CM802 2-in-1 mini coffee maker features instant heating technology using an NTC element . heating water to the ideal 185??F for brewing coffee in just 2 minutes (with a water volume of 5oz). After brewing . the energy-saving function automatically shuts off. Simply remove the used capsule or reusable coffee filter for added convenience and energy efficiency.

With its classic and minimalist design . this coffee machine boasts a width of only 5.1 inches . occupying a mere 45 square inches . making it suitable for any countertop. Additionally . it comes with a larger drip tray compared to the old model . effortlessly collecting any residual coffee liquid to ensure a tidy countertop. The all-plastic drip tray not only prevents slipping but also facilitates easy cleaning. It can be removed to accommodate cups with a height of up to 5.5 inches.

Labor-saving lid-opening mechanism . simply add the desired water and coffee capsule or ground coffee (compatible with sold separately of reusable coffee filter) . then press a single button. In just a few minutes . a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee will be ready. The user-friendly operation . with its easy and intuitive design . ensures that everyone can use it effortlessly. It is the ideal choice for starting a busy and fulfilling day.

Featuring a single-cup water reservoir design . fetch fresh water into your mug and pour it directly into the water tank for each brewing cycle . ensuring the freshest and most delicious coffee every time. The 4-hole outlet needle disperses water evenly . preventing concentration in the center and making thorough brewing for all the coffee grounds in the surrounding area. This guarantees that the flavor of the coffee approaches perfection.

This coffee machine is compatible for k cup pods . allowing you to choose from a variety of brands and flavors . including tea. You can also use it with a reusable coffee filter (sold separately) to brew your preferred ground coffee. Weighs 2.8 lb. Condition – New.

Due to variations in water quality in different regions . it is recommended to perform descaling cleaning on the coffee machine using vinegar . citric acid . or a descaling agent based on usage frequency to prevent clogs or reduced flow rates.
For extended storage . conduct a descaling cleaning before storing to prevent pipe blockages.
If you need to travel with it . avoid the coffee maker to severe shaking or impacts to prevent internal components from detaching or getting damaged.
When using K-cup capsules . press down and ensure the bottom is punctured properly to prevent water overflow.
Use original K-cup capsules to prevent coffee grounds from entering the cup.

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